LCD Soundsystem hope for Number One

James Murphy urges fans to get album to pole position

LCD Soundsystem’s mainamn James Murphy has urged fans to help get the band’s new album ’Sound Of Silver’ to the Number One position.

In a posting on the website Murphy wrote that if all the people who bought the first LCD Soundsystem album bought ’Sound Of Silver’ on the week of its release it would sell more than the current Billboard Number One album – the soundtrack to the Beyonce film ’Dreamgirls’.

He wrote: “’Dreamgirls’ was the Number One record in the US with Billboard scan of 60,064 sold this week.


’LCD Record 1’ (the old record, from 2005) has sold a total of 60,559 in the US since it was released.

“Meaning, straight up, if everyone who bought the first record bought ’S.O.S’ when its released then we’re totally Number One.

“Anyway, it’s a dream, and I’ll be able to move on to my other life as a mailman after that, because it would be all downhill from there for me.”

’Sound Of Silver’ is set to be released on March 13 in the US, and a day before in the UK.