Franz cover LCD Soundsystem on single

Velvet Underground man also helps out a 'Friend'

Franz Ferdinand and John Cale will cover LCD Soundsystem on two different versions of their forthcoming single, ‘All My Friends’.

The new single from LCD Soundsystem‘s recent album, ‘Sound Of Silver’, is set to be released as a two 7″ singles on May 21.

The first version will feature a cover of the song by Franz Ferdinand, as well as LCD Soundsystem‘s rendition of Joy Division‘s ‘No Love Lost’.


The second 7″ single will feature Velvet Underground man John Cale‘s cover of ‘All My Friends’.

‘All My Friends’ will also be released as a CD single, which includes a track by Franz Ferdinand titled ‘Freak Out/Starry Eyes’ as well as a video for the single.

Last but not least, a 12″ version will be released on May 28, which features the Franz Ferdinand cover as well as ‘Freak Out/Starry Eyes’.

The tracklistings are:

7″ Part One

‘All My Friends’ (Franz Ferdinand version) 


‘No Love Lost’ (cover of Joy Division)

7″ Part Two

‘All My Friends’ (John Cale version)

‘All My Friends’ (album version-enhanced)


‘All My Friends’ (Edit)

‘All My Friends’ (Franz Ferdinand version)

‘Freak Out/Starry Eyes

‘All My Friends’ (video) 


‘All My Friends’ (album version)

‘All My Friends’ (Harvey Mix)

‘Freak Out/Starry Eyes’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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