LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy: ‘I missed working with Arcade Fire, twice!’

Frontman announces his plan for production, festivals and remixes after he finishes touring

LCD Soundsystem‘s James Murphy has explained that he missed out on producing Arcade Fire – twice.

The band leader and boss of DFA Records, explained that Win Butler and co invited him to work on their albums after both groups played shows together.

“I missed the opportunity to work with Arcade Fire in the studio twice on two albums in a row just because they were recording at the same time I did and that broke my heart ’cause we toured together,” Murphy told BBC News. “I consider them to be very good friends and I admire what they do and it would have been really fun to work with them.”


Arcade Fire are currently touring Europe and are set to play London’s Hackney Empire tonight (July 7)NME.COM will have a full report.

The LCD Soundsystem man added they were not the only artists he had missed working with because of live commitments to his own band.

“I’d also love to spend time with the Dewaele brothers [of Soulwax and 2manydjs]. I have never been able to sit in the studio for very long, and we’ve been friends for so long, and so close,” he said. “I’d like to be able to say, ‘Hey, let’s spend a month working on something,’ but we can’t.”

He also did not produce DFA signings The Juan Maclean and Holy Ghost for the same reason.

Murphy explained that, while he expected the LCD Soundsystem name to continue, he no longer wants to run the band as a conventional touring rock group from now on to allow him more time for other projects.

“I want to put together a festival in New York. There is a lot of stuff I want to do. I am a busy person by nature!” he declared. “I haven’t done a remix in a long time. I haven’t put out a proper dance 12-inch in a long time and I miss that. I haven’t had a weekly party in a long time and I miss that desperately. I haven’t had the chance to just not have a plan. If I have an idea I write it down and it goes in this pile of things I want to do.


“So this is just an opportunity to sit still for a minute, listen to my records at home again and get excited in a different way. I am still excited about what we do, but I want to find a new way of dealing with my time.”