LCD Soundsystem confirmed to perform on ‘SNL’

The band recently debuted new music at a series of intimate New York shows

LCD Soundsystem have been confirmed to perform on a forthcoming episode of Saturday Night Live.

The band will appear on the show on May 6. Their episode will be hosted by Star Trek actor Chris Pine.

It will be their first performance since their residency at New York’s new venue Brooklyn Steel, as Pitchfork reports. James Murphy’s group played five shows at the space and previewed a handful of new songs.


During their career-spanning and hit-packed set on the first night (April 6), they returned for their first encore to unveil three new songs – ‘Tonight’, ‘Call Police’ and ‘American Dream’.

Reviewing the show, NME wrote: “The first, possibly called ‘Tonight’, began with a heavy drumbeat that gave way to a techno-inspired synth line. Taking the piss out of modern music, it runs “Everybody’s singing the same song / It’s all tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight.” It’s a wordy, upbeat track – vocally slightly similar to ‘Pow Pow’ – though on this one, warm synths surround a classic LCD “ooh” refrain. “You lost your internet but we lost our memories,” he sang at one point, occasionally looking at a lyric sheet set on Mahoney’s drum kit. “You hate the idea that you’re wasting your youth / But that’s all lies,” he croons later on. The track eventually grows in intensity only to end abruptly.

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“The second new one, ‘Call Police,’ is maybe the most straightforward rock song LCD has ever written, reminiscent of a somewhat more upbeat take on Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ or even The Smiths’ ‘There is a Light That Never Goes Out’. Midtempo and guitar heavy, this one is for people who wanted another song like ‘All My Friends’. It was tougher to decipher Murphy’s lyrics here, though he did repeat the line “this is nowhere” multiple times. “We played it like six times faster than in soundcheck,” Murphy added after the song ended.”

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“‘American Dream’, the final new song, is without a doubt Murphy’s most confessional song to date. It’s a downbeat one, full of slow burning synths, xylophones, and a wicked sense of humor. “Wake up with somebody near you in someone else’s place / You did acid and looked in the mirror / Watched the mirror crawl around on your face,” Murphy sings at the start. As it grapples with the reality of growing older, the song continues: “In the morning, everything’s clearer when the sunlight exposes your age / But that’s OK,” later adding the lines, “So get up and stop your complaining / You know you’re the only one who’s been destroying all the fun.” The final chorus features Murphy’s falsetto and robotic backup vocals.”

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At a later show in the residency, the band debuted a fourth new song called ‘Haircut’. Describing the track, Reddit user Keen Image said: “It was dope AF, I thought. Can’t wait to hear the studio version. Very fast-paced, guitar-forward, punk-adjacent tune. I could hardly make out any lyrics, so I was surprised to learn that it was called ‘Haircut’.”