LCD Soundsystem and DFA super duo Museum Of Love share new song ‘Cluttered World’

It's described as "an interstellar super-futuristic torch song"

Museum Of Love – the duo made up of LCD Soundsystem’s Pat Mahoney and DFA Records musician Dennis McNany (aka Jee Day) – have shared a new track.

Called ‘Cluttered World’, the song – which is released though Skint Records – is described as something that “takes you by the hand and leads you down, down into a subterranean basement, all thick air and close heat”.

The description continued: “It pulls up a stool somewhere between the grand piano and the quaking bassbins and sets you right in the heart of the action, an interstellar super-futuristic torch song playing out across the room.


“It’s a wild and disorientating place, yet it’s one you’ll want to return to again and again each time the drum track stops.”

Mixed by LCD Soundsystem founder and DFA co-founder James Murphy, you can listen to ‘Cluttered World’ below:

The pair’s self-titled debut LP was released on DFA back in 2014. In 2018, they released their first song in four years, ‘Marching Orders’.

Museum Of Love’s new album is set to arrive this summer. While no other information has been shared about the project, the duo did reveal three years ago that they had “finished an album’s worth of new material”.

Explaining that they got kicked out of a new recording studio they built for the project, they said: “We had a bunch of unfinished material from the first record and were working on new material whenever we could.


“We worked in home studios; we built our own recording studio in Dumbo to write and track the new material; and, when we were kicked out of that, we snuck into DFA studios as the building was about to be gutted and finished an album’s worth of new material with all the limited time and resources we had. The single is the first product of our efforts.”

In November, James Murphy presented a show on NTS Radio, spinning key songs that soundtracked the early days of DFA Records, which he co-founded in 2001.