LCD Soundsystem explain why they’re not cancelling shows despite COVID spike

The band have three shows left to play of their New York residency

LCD Soundsystem have explained why they’re not cancelling their current live plans despite a rise in COVID cases.

The band said they are aware of the risks but believe fans would “very, very irate if we cancelled all of the sudden”.

LCD Soundsystem are currently in the middle of a residency at New York’s Brooklyn Steel, with three shows left to play (December 19, 20 and 21). However with coronavirus cases rising in the city the group have shared a statement explaining why they’re not cancelling the shows at this point in time.


Yesterday (17 December) the state of New York saw a record daily high of new COVID cases with venues including Baby’s All Right and Union Pool cancelling shows as a result.

“We’ve had a lot of discussions and stress about this amongst ourselves, and we’ve decided to play tonight,” began the statement from LCD Soundsystem, which they shared ahead of yesterday’s gig.

The band went on to say they’ve “known the risks playing these shows. When we planned them, we thought we’d be in better shape, COVID-wise, by now, but it didn’t pan out. We said we would play, and people are coming, so we are playing.

“But let’s be very, very clear – we are not saying by playing that we think it’s not a place you can catch COVID or anything else, really,” they added. “Us playing the show is in no way an indicator that it’s safe to attend.

“Yesterday, we all got to the venue and talked about cancelling. I was almost sure we would. But it seemed very last minute.”


The statement then went on to talk about asking guests to wear masks (“which we did, to very little effect”) and explained how half of the tickets sold for their upcoming shows were to people from out of town.

With travel and hotels booked “they would likely be very, very irate if we cancelled all of the sudden. There are people who will be angry at us for playing as well”.

They added: “You need to make your own decision as to whether you feel safe coming to see us. If you don’t, you can get your money back. You’ll be first in line for tickets the next time we play in NYC. We won’t hold your money, or reschedule… You just get first crack next time there’s a gig.”

“If enough people want to cancel, we’ll cancel the shows and refund everything, putting you next in line as well. It’s the best we can come up with.”

The band then urged fans to do “what’s best for you, your family and your community. We will play again, so don’t worry about these particular shows”.

The statement has caused a divide on social media, with some fans praising the “class” response to the current situation, with others are annoyed the shows are going ahead. “I live a 7 min walk from BK Steele and people in the neighborhood are upset the shows are still going on,” said one fan.

“You forgot to mention those who actually f’ing live here in your statement. I say this as a person who likes your band and has seen your band many times. I might not again.”

LCD Soundsystem’s New York residency kicked off in November and was the first time the band had played a show in three years, with James Murphy saying the band were on “full hiatus” earlier in 2021.

The band will be airing a live gig as part of The LCD Soundsystem Holiday Special which premieres December 23 at 2am GMT on Amazon Music’s Twitch channel.

The spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus has also impacted shows in the UK, with the likes of Supergrass, The Charlatans, Sam Fender, Paul Weller and Coldplay having all scrapped recent shows due to COVID while The Streets have pulled their entire 2022 tour.