LCD Soundsystem’s Gavilán Rayna Russom launches record label, announces second solo album

Hear its first track now

LCD Soundsystem‘s Gavilán Rayna Russom is set to launch her own record label, through which she will release a new solo album.

‘Secret Passage’ will be the musician’s second full-length effort as Gavilán Rayna Russom, and will arrive via her Voluminous Arts label on March 26.

Russom has previewed the project by sharing its first single, ‘Shotgun Hits With Boys Who Drum on Metal (for Cheyney)’ – you can listen to it here.


The upcoming record is said to be an homage to the East Side Rail Tunnel in Providence, Rhode Island, where Russom grew up and met many of her friends and collaborators.

Each of the five tracks featured on ‘Secret Passage’ is dedicated to a particular friend she made in the city.

See the full tracklist below.

01. A Place For Us Among The Ruins (For Alyson)
02. Shotgun Hits With Boys Who Drum On Metal (For Cheyney)
03. Ghosts Wail In Us (For Mike)
04. Sarafina Calls Because The Police Are Beating People (For Brian C.)
05. Fireworks (For Brian T.) 

“Running for almost exactly one mile beneath the city’s streets, the tunnel and nearby Crook Point Bridge were unsupervised autonomous zones where I tasted the possibilities of a world without surveillance,” Russom said.


“The tunnel was particularly important in my creative development because not only was it a marginal zone apart from monetized spaces of creative consumption, but it also had specific experiential properties. When you got to the middle of it you were in complete darkness, and I learned quickly that when you spend enough time in complete darkness you start to hallucinate, which I liked. The acoustics were also remarkable.”

‘Secret Passage’ follows on from Gavilán Rayna Russom’s first solo album ‘The Envoy’, which was released last year.

LCD Soundsystem, meanwhile, last toured in 2018. During this stint, they headlined the inaugural All Points East festival in London alongside The xx.