LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin unveils meaningful new solo track ‘love you twice’

Its accompanying visual is a collaboration with animation artist Ramdaram

Vocalist Huh Yunjin of rookie K-pop girl group LE SSERAFIM has released her third solo song, a fan-dedicated track titled ‘피어나도록 (love you twice)’.

On March 14 at 1pm KST, the 21-year-old idol unveiled the music video for ‘피어나도록 (love you twice)’, now available on streaming platforms. Its Korean title is a spin on LE SSERAFIM’s official fan club name ‘FEARNOT’ or ‘피어나’ in Korean (meaning ‘Bloom’), and translates to ‘Until It Blooms’.

The new visual features art by South Korean animator and artist Ramdaram, and follows the fan of an idol who appears to live a perfect life online. Inspired to take better care of herself and pick up songwriting, and the fan eventually fulfils her own dreams and stands on stage.


‘Cause deep inside, I wanna be her / She takes thе hit, but never shows you wherе it hurts / Bathes you in spring sunshine / Wipes tears dry, and says I love you twice,” the LE SSERAFIM singer croons in the chorus.

‘피어나도록 (love you twice)’ is Huh’s third self-composed solo song, following the release of  ‘I ≠ DOLL’ this January and ‘Raise y_our glass’ in August 2022. Dedicated to LE SSERAFIM’s fans, the song’s release coincides with White Day (March 14), a day where people give reciprocal the affection of those who gave them gifts on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to her solo songs, Huh has also co-penned a number of tracks for LE SSERAFIM, including ‘Blue Flame’ from their debut mini-album ‘Fearless’, and ’Impurities’, ‘No Celestial’ and ‘Good Parts’ from their October 2022 sophomore record ‘ANTIFRAGILE’.

Last month, American musician Nile Rodgers revealed that he had been working on a new LE SSERAFIM song with HYBE founder and producer Bang Si-hyuk. However, a release date for the track has not been announced.

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