LE SSERAFIM unveil apocalyptic music video for new single ‘ANTIFRAGILE’

Their second mini-album of the same name arrives later today

Rookie K-pop act LE SSERAFIM have unveiled the apocalyptic music video for their new single ‘ANTIFRAGILE’.

On October 17 at midnight KST, the quintet dropped the music video for ‘ANTIFRAGILE’, the title track of their sophomore mini-album of the same name. The full record will arrive later today (October 17) at 6pm KST.

In the new visual, the world is plunged into chaos after it’s revealed that an asteroid is about to hit Earth. However, the members of LE SSERAFIM go about their daily lives unfazed. The girl group also showcase the energetic choreography of the new Afro-Latin-inspired track, notably co-produced by HYBE founder “hitman” Bang.


I’ll climb higher, top of the world I itched for / No biggie if I were to fall, I’m antifragile antifragile / Right now I’m on my way, toss away your fairy tale / Now you know my name, I’m antifragile, antifragile,” they sing on the upbeat chorus.

Other songs on the record include intro track ‘The Hydra’, which was featured in the act’s trailer for the release, along with ‘Impurities’ and ‘No Celestial’, which includes lyrics written by vocalist Huh Yun-jin.

The final song is ‘Good Parts (when the quality is bad but i am)’, which was penned by members Huh Yun-jin and Miyawaki Sakura, as well as American singer-songwriter Salem Illese. LE SSERAFIM leader Kim Chae-won, along with Huh and Ilese, recently unveiled the song via a special live performance. Watch it here.

The new record comes about five months after the girl group’s debut with ‘Fearless’ back in May. It also marks their first release as a quintet following the controversial departure of former member Kim Ga-ram.

Prior to the announcement of their return, LE SSERAFIM released a documentary titled ‘The World Is My Oyster’. The four-part series details the group’s formation, along with behind-the-scenes looks at their training in preparation for their debut, a process main vocalist Huh Yunjin had described as “grueling” in their interview with NME back in May


“I’ve never had a period in my life where I’ve dedicated this much effort, energy, and time all at once,” said Huh. “[Since] we’ve finally made our debut, I feel proud and rewarded for all the hard work we’ve put in”.

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