LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha voices her admiration for BTS’ Jimin’s “beautiful” dance skills

“I was impressed to see someone balancing classical dance with K-pop choreography so well”

LE SSERAFIM member Kazuha has praised BTS member Jimin for his skill in dance in the choreography for the group’s 2020 hit ‘Dynamite’.

Kazuha recently revealed in an interview with Weverse Magazine that she had submitted a dance cover of BTS’ 2020 English single ‘Dynamite’ as part of her audition for HYBE. The idol later spoke about her thoughts on the group’s skills as performers.

“There’s a dance break in ‘Dynamite’ that’s so cool that I wanted to try to do it,” recalled the Japanese idol, who had been training to become a professional ballet dancer prior to her career in K-pop. “I was really impressed watching BTS’ performance while I was getting ready for the audition.”


Kazuha, who began dancing since the age of three, then shared that she was fascinated by how each of the boyband’s seven members had made the choreography their own, despite dancing to the same moves.

“Even though they’re all doing the same choreography, each member has their own style, which I think makes it cooler,” she explained. “I thought Jimin’s dancing was especially beautiful when I saw it.”

“I was impressed to see someone balancing classical dance with K-pop choreography so well, which made me really interested in performing,” Kazuha concluded.

Meanwhile, bandmate Sakura discussed in a previous interview a column she had previously written in 2017 about the Japanese drama film Close-knit, in which she had voiced her support for the LGBTQ community.

“Idols don’t just sing and dance on stage,” she said, “they can also be role models for people, and someone who is always by their side for others.”


Earlier this month, LE SSERAFIM became the first girl group to debut under Source Music, following its acquisition by HYBE, with their mini-album ‘Fearless’. In a three-star review of the recordNME’s Rhian Daly praised the project’s title track for “not taking the en vogue route of in-your-face girl crush bangers”.