Kathleen Hanna documentary appeals for fan funding

A new documentary about the Bikini Kill and Le Tigre member seeks post-production cash

A documentary about Bikini Kill and Le Tigre frontwoman Kathleen Hanna called The Punk Singer is currently seeking funding from fans in order for it to be edited.

Shot on just 3% of their proposed budget, a range of benefits are available to fans who pledge money to help the filmmakers make their $44,000 (£28,056) target and get the film through post-production.

For the highest $10,000 (£6,376) pledge, Hanna herself will redesign a room in the pledger’s house. Fanzines, posters, ticket to the New York City premiere, signed DVDs, on-screen thank yous and online access to the first five minutes of the film will also be offered in exchange for smaller pledges.

Pledges can be made through Kickstarter. Of the documentary and its star, the filmmakers and director Sini Anderson say:

[Kathleen Hanna has] been a lightning rod for controversy, and a famously private person. Five years ago, she disappeared from the public eye, and is only now re-emerging. The Punk Singer combines 20 years of archival footage and an intimate look at four consecutive seasons of Hanna’s present life, to tell the story of what happened, and who she is now.

For more information visit: Facebook.com/thepunksinger