Le Volume Courbe, Noel Gallagher and Terry Hall team up to cover Daniel Johnston’s ‘Mind Contorted’

The track, which features vocals from Hall and guitar from Gallagher, has been accompanied by a new video

Le Volume Courbe has shared a new cover of Daniel Johnston‘s ‘Mind Contorted’ featuring Noel Gallagher and Terry Hall – listen below.

The French artist’s rendition of Johnston’s 1998 track will appear on her new EP ‘Fourteen Years’, which will arrive tomorrow (November 13) via Honest Jons Records.

Accompanied by a colourful visual directed by Spencer Bewley, the song features The Specials‘ singer Hall on backing vocals while Gallagher plays guitar.


Le Volume Courbe leader Charlotte Courbe joined Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds back in 2017, and infamously played the scissors on stage for the band. She also contributed vocals to the ‘Who Built The Moon?’ single ‘It’s A Beautiful World’.

“I chose to cover the song with Terry because we are both huge fans of Daniel Johnston,” explained Courbe of the new track. “We first recorded it with Terry’s son Theodore and Kevin Shields in my flat in London in 2012.

“Earlier this year I decided to finally mix it and asked Kevin to re-do his guitar parts. He agreed, but Kevin being Kevin I didn’t want to wait a year, so I asked Noel if he didn’t mind stepping in. I asked him on Tuesday and he said, ‘OK. Friday, 2pm!’ Et voilà!”

‘Fourteen Years’ serves as the first in a trilogy of new EPs from Le Volume Courbe which together will make up their third studio album, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me’.


Noel Gallagher recently revealed that he’d like to enlist The Stone Roses’ guitarist John Squire to play on his next full-length.

“He’s a great guitarist,” Gallagher said. “I’m always threatening to get him to play on one of my records, but I never get round to asking him. I will do. He’s a bit aloof.”

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