The chart-topper is seeking to reclaim #5 million in earnings from her dad, who is her former manager...

Chart-topping teen country star LEANN RIMES has spoken about her £5 million legal wrangle with her father and former manager WILBUR.

The 18-year-old Texan, who is attempting to reclaim £5 million earnings that she believes he stashed away while she slogged on the road, fears she may have to testify against him.

She told the Daily Record today (November 21): “I was on the road for three and a half years straight and I didn’t have a home other than my bus. But it’s something that has taught me I have to separate my father from my business partner, who is also my dad. It’s unfortunate that he was both things. The one lesson I have learned is never mix my business with my family. I’m waiting to hear if I have to testify against my father as the court case is still going on.”


She said she still loves her father very much, and still talks to him every day, but added: “We seldom talk business any more. Once in a while I’ll ask him for advice. It’s not like I shut him out.”

Rimes, who has sold 20 million albums since becoming a star at the age of 13, was managed for five years by her father.


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