Rare Led Zeppelin T-shirt sold for $10,000

The top dates back to band's shows at Knebworth in 1979

An extremely rare Led Zeppelin T-shirt has been sold on eBay for a record $10,000 (£6,100).

The item, which is supposedly the rarest Led Zeppelin T-shirt in the world, was sold by Stormcrow Vintage to a buyer in Australia. It dates from 1979 and is so rare because it doubled as a backstage pass during the band’s huge outdoor shows at Knebworth Park in August of that year.

According to Braveworlds.com Kyle Erminger, who runs Stormcrow Vintage, originally bought the T-shirt for $123 (£75) and has said “his jaw hit the floor” when he saw the winning bid.

Erminger said he initially thought he had paid too much for the shirt, adding: “At the time, I thought I may have overpaid, until I got back home, looked it up online and noticed it was ranked as the rarest Led Zeppelin T-shirt.”

The buyer has chosen to remain anonymous.