Fans slam Led Zeppelin plans to reunite without Plant

Plans to replace the singer have met with a hostile reception

Led Zeppelin fans have overwhelmingly slammed the band’s plans to reunite without frontman Robert Plant.

The group’s bassist John Paul Jones suggested Led Zeppelin will reform without their singer yesterday (October 28).

The bass player said he and guitarist Jimmy Page have been trying out singers for the role, prompted NME.COM users to leave comments on the site, with almost all of them blasting Jones and Page‘s plans.

“Does this story make anyone else feel sick?” wrote ‘lukey45’, while ‘sgows’ wrote, “Sacrilege, how can they do this?”.

‘Orangeboy’ suggested that Plant was an irreplaceable singer. “How ridiculous,” they wrote. “Plant‘s voice is half of what made Zep who they were. It simply isn’t Led Zeppelin without him.”

The majority of users slammed Jones and Page, without only a handful of posters leaving few positive comments.

“Yes! Get in!” wrote ’20legend’. “Robert Plant shouldn’t hold them back.”

‘zoso_02’ claimed: “Led Zeppelin is basically Jimmy Page, not any of the other members. It may be different from Zeppelin with Robert Plant, but it will certainly be fantastic and ecstatically received.”

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