‘Led Zeppelin reunion was like a World Cup penalty shoot-out’

Plus Jason Bonham considers future gigs with the legends

Jason Bonham has declared filling in for his dad John at Led Zeppelin’s reunion show last year more nerve-wracking then taking penalties at the World Cup.

Plus, the drummer added that he would be happy for the band to play more dates together, but that that was in the hands of his dad’s former colleagues.

“It was like the penalty shoot-out at the World Cup, but you’re taking everyone one,” Bonham told the Musician’s Union‘s Musician magazine. “I had to shoot 16 times and get the goal every time.”

He added that his nerves were really bad just before taking the stage at the 02 Arena in London last December.

“We all arrived separately and didn’t communicate with each other until ten minutes before we went on. At that point I don’t know what I was feeling,” said Bonham. “I was breathing deeply trying to keep calm. I knew I could do the gig, but could I do it when it counted?”

However, after enjoying the show, the drummer said he would be up doing more gigs with Led Zeppelin, but that that had not been discussed yet.

“It’s hard to be in this situation where it was so good and now I’m left in limbo about what’s going to happen next. I managed to pull Excalibur out of the stone and, for a short period, I carried the sword but then I was told, ‘no, no, put it back in the stone now’,” he explained. “I’m happy with what happened and if I ask for me it’s me being greedy.”

Bonham added that whatever the future holds for Led Zeppelin he was happy to have filled in for his father at least the once.

“There’s a sense of accomplishment that Dad has remained my hero, my mentor throughout the last 27 years, and I still used him as my main focus to be able to do the gig,” explained Bonham. “So it’s hats off to him – look what you did now, Dad.”