Led Zeppelin to tour?

Fans demand world tour after O2 Arena show

Following Led Zeppelin’s reunion show last night (December 10) at the O2 Arena in London, thousands of fans have called for the band to announce a full tour.

Rumours of a full tour have increased over the past few months, with guitarist Jimmy Page regularly hinting that he would be interested in taking Led Zeppelin on the road in 2008.

According to live industry sources the band have two nights at Wembley Stadium in London on hold for next summer, which if confirmed would please the fans who have swamped the band’s official forum demanding more shows.


“I think they’ll tour,” wrote Led Zeppelin fan ‘Matt’. “From what I saw at the O2 Arena show, it was amazing.”

“I think they will tour,” added ‘Pinky’. “There’s more hype for them to tour than there has ever been.”

‘JoeZep’ wrote: “How can they not [tour]?” ‘Bluesyzep’ added: “If the crowd response didn’t convince Robert then nothing will. If he was half as excited as we are it’s a done deal.”

‘Zoef’ wrote: “Of course they will tour. A two-hour tribute? Come on, this is all way too expensive to put on for just one show.”

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