Led Zeppelin reunion: the fans’ verdict

What did lucky ticket-holders think of the legends return?

Led Zeppelin fans have been giving their verdicts on tonight’s (December 10) long-awaited reunion show at the O2 Arena in London, speaking to NME.COM as they left the venue.

Gig-goers have been unanimous in their praise for the band’s performance, with many declaring it a once in a lifetime experience.

“It was fantastic,” said Colleen McCaughley, who had travelled from Belfast with her husband Stephen to watch the show: “The whole thing was an incredible moment. I saw Jimmy Page in Vancouver in the ’70s and he looked fat. He looked better tonight, fantastic!”

“Everybody loved it, it was worth the money, no question,” added Stephen.

Barry Sullivan, 21, from Merthr Tydvyll, said: “It was awesome. It couldn’t have been better. I would have paid double, triple, even. They looked great. They know music.”

“It was breathtaking,” explained Liz Perry, 47, from London. “It felt like an intimate gig. We were far back, but we felt part of it. Robert Plant‘s voice sounded amazing. Worth the money, no question.”

‘Kashmir# was wonderful. Jimmy looks a bit old now, but Robert Plant looked great,” said John Trull, a 54-year-old Londoner. “I saw them in Bath in 1970. They were better then than now, but this was still amazing.”

“It was a good gig. The ultimate Zep gig. I saw them at Knebworth, and this was better. The voice is still there. And it wasn’t raining,” said “Chaz“, who had travelled with his friend “Dave“.

Caroline Picker, 40, summed up the mood amongst fans.

“The atmosphere was electric,” she said. “I’ve only heard two songs before, but it felt amazing.”

Robert has a lovely backside,” added her friend, Dawn Angling.

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