Rare Led Zeppelin guitar available again

Jimmy Page's double neck is back after 36 years

The iconic famous double neck guitar used by Led Zeppelin star Jimmy Page is to be manufactured again after 36 years.

The guitarist has teamed-up with Gibson to replicate his original EDS-1275 which he used throughout the 1970s.

Up to 25 limited edition replicas have been designed, each of which will feature Page’s signature on the rear of the headstock, plus a certificate of authenticity signed by the guitarist.


It will also come with a Led Zeppelin DVD box set and a copy of a private interview with Page.

“After knowing that ‘Stairway (To Heaven)’ was going to have to be recorded live and the fact it was recorded with 12 strings acoustic and electric, I needed something which could reflect the pacing of that song,” said Page of his decision to use the unlikely looking instrument. “That song dictated the fact that I played the Gibson double neck and from then on it became iconic.”

Only 25 replicas will be made available from March 18 at a retail price of $33,500 (£17,310).

A further 250 vintage Original Spec Signature Double Necks are also being made available which will not feature the signature on the headstock, and cost between $10,000 (£5,200) and $12,000 (£6,200).

For more information go to Gibson.com.