Led Zeppelin reunion: Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones drop setlist hint

Band close to finalising what they'll play at comeback show

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones have hinted that fans will be enjoying all their favourites when the band reunite next month.

As previously reported, Led Zeppelin are reuniting on November 26 at the 02 Arena in London for a one-off charity show.

Speaking to Jam! Music, the pair confirmed that the band had taken part in several rehearsals.


“You don’t want to give it all away,” explained Jones, before adding “we played kind of the normal songs at the rehearsal.”

The guitarist said that they did intend to chuck a few lesser known numbers in for the hardcore fans, saying it was “more than likely” they would play an acoustic song or two.

This should please fans, who in an NME.COM survey said they wanted to hear the likes of ’Stairway To Heaven’, ’Kashmir’ and ’Since I’ve Been Loving You’ at the gig.

Read the set list the fans want on NME.COM now.

Meanwhile, speaking about the rehearsals ahead of the reunion, Page revealed the band have been practising for nearly five months for the gig.

“We had a very, very secret tryout in June just to see if it was possible and if anyone wanted to do it, to see if the will was there,” he said. “And it was pretty exciting. We made all the musical cues, and we were pretty hot. The hardest step – or the most tentative step – was to actually be able to get together, the four of us, in a rehearsal room to actually play with the instruments and keep the whole damn thing under wraps.


“As it was, we did manage to pull it off, and we didn’t have to shake hands and say, ‘Well, at least we sort of know that it might not be a good idea’. It was quite the opposite.”


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