Led Zeppelin reunion: promoter vows to take on touts

Harvey Goldsmith says eBay refuses to co-operate

The organiser of the Led Zeppelin reunion gig has spoken out about tackling the touts trying to sell ticket-buying passwords online.

Some fans who were successful in the recent ballot to buy tickets for the gig have started selling their ticket-buying access in online auctions today (October 2), but Harvey Goldsmith explained to NME.COM how he would be tackling the touts head on.

He said: “The selection process took place on Monday (October 1) and people were notified. The unscrupulous ones put (the codes) up on eBay and wherever they can.

“The issue is as follows – unless the name of the person who was successful in the random ballot and their pass-code number and their photo ID match they aren’t going to get in. It’s as simple as that. So I want people to know lest their upset and disappointed.”

Goldsmith said that the root of the problem has yet to be addressed.

He said: “So long as eBay continue to allow this to take place it will continue to happen. The whole industry wants eBay to take ‘ticket’ off their inventory, but they won’t.”

Over 1 million fans successfully registered and all those randomly selected have been notified in the last 24 hours.? ?Tickets are limited to one pair per household.??

The organisers went on to street that all purchasers’ names must match the same details as those who received the passcode. If anyone attempts to purchase tickets on someone else’s passcode, they will be cancelled and the registrants will be notified on email.

Any cancelled tickets will then be re-allocated in a second draw.

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