Led Zeppelin reunion: fans speak after getting tickets

The lucky few who beat the odds talk to NME.COM

Fans have told NME.COM of their joy at getting tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion gig.

The band’s one-off show at the O2 Arena in London will take place on November 26.

Fans had to register at Ahmettribute.com for a ticket ballot, with over a million signing up hoping to get one of the 20,000 tickets available for the night.

Successful applicants were informed on Monday (October 1).

Speaking about the joy at getting tickets for the show Ross McGarry told NME.COM: “To say I was excited when I heard about the gig doesn’t really cover it. To open that email today and realise I had won was the best feeling.

“I can’t really put into words how good it was, and I was panicking when it told me I had three minutes to fill this screen or two minutes for the next. Got everything paid and now I’m just deciding which lucky bugger is going to join me. I’ll see you all there. Oh, that’s right you didn’t get tickets. I’ll tell you all about it.”

Stephen Furlong added: “Last night I logged into my PC and checked my email. To my disappointment, there was nothing but blankness. Thinking that it would be much of the same, I checked my work email (god love remote access), and to my shock surprise and amazement, there was confirmation of my ballot results, stating that I could order there and then.

“To say I am delighted would be an understatement. To see a band that not only are 30 years out of my era, but such a great band at that, is phenomenal. So all that’s left to do now is sit back and get ready for what will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Morgan said: “I found out when checking my emails on the toilet last night. My dad is suddenly my best friend.”

However, not everyone was as pleased to win with Led Zeppelin’s promoter vowing to take on anyone who tried to tout their tickets for the reunion show.

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