Led Zeppelin reuinion: Ticket pass-codes being sold online

Organisers say they will tackle those selling codes online

Fans who were successful in the recent ballot to buy tickets for the Led Zeppelin reunion gig have started selling their ticket-buying access in online auctions today (October 2).

Successful applicants were issued a pass-code, which provided them with access to a web-page where they could buy the £120 tickets.

Some of these pass-codes are now being sold on auction sites like eBay, with auctions closing at figures of around £500 for one pass-code.

However, a spokesman for promoter Harvey Goldsmith, who is organising the reunion concert, has explained to NME.COM they are tackling these touts head on.

Those who registered for tickets must provide a full name and address matching the details that they originally registered for the ballot – meaning that the pass-codes would only work for the original person who registered.

There is also a series of security questions that will have to be answered before pass-code holders can buy tickets.

Furthermore, ticket-holders will have to present valid ID to gain access to the venue in November.

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