Led Zeppelin reunion: organisers call for patience over tickets

Promoters say random draw will overcome website difficulties

Organisers behind Led Zeppelin’s reunion show on November 26 have called for fans to be patient while getting tickets.

As previously reported the legendary rockers are playing a one-off tribute gig for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun.

However because of the phenomenal demand expected for the show – promoter Harvey Goldmsith predicted it would be the “biggest in history for a single show” – the £125 ahead tickets for the gig are being distributed by a random ballot.

Fans have to head to Ahmettribute.com and register to stand of chance of getting tickets.

However yesterday the the website crashed.

Organisers have now told fans not to worry as the registration for the ballot is open until Monday (September 17).

“The message is to be patient. The website will be open until midday Monday (September 17) for anyone wanting register,” they explained in statement, adding, “It is not ‘first come first served’ and all successful applicants will be entered into the ballot for tickets to be drawn at random.”

NME.COM tried using the site this morning, and despite one or two technical hiccups, managed to register details at the first attempt – you can see the page every Led Zeppelin fans wants to see to the right: the registration screen.

Successful applicants will find out after October 1, so fingers crossed.

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