There will a DVD and a CD, and that's yer lot...

JIMMY PAGE has quashed rumours that LED ZEPPELINare planning an imminent reunion.

Despite the forthcoming release of a live DVD and CD, Page said that the only way that he will be playing live material again would be “on my DVD player”.

In an interview with Music Week, the guitarist added: “And that’s what I would recommend everyone else did, and not hold their breath for anything else.

“In those days, you have to understand what you had at your disposal to promote an album. The only vehicle we had then was to be taken as a live band. If we made any footage, there was no vehicle for it.”

He said, “It really deserves a fanfare of trumpets when (the DVD) comes out because it is not just bits and pieces that have been seen before – it is Led Zeppelin live.”

Page’s comments discount last year’s tabloid speculation that the three surviving members could play a stadium tour of the US this year.

‘Led Zeppelin DVD’ and ‘How The West Was Won’, a live album, will be available on May 27, and the two collections are likely to be the last unreleased recordings. “There’s nothing left over,” bassist John Paul Jones told Billboard.