A DVD and live album come out on the same day...


packages are to be released that will bring together well-known and rare concert footage and recordings spanning the group’s entire career.

‘Led Zeppelin DVD’ and ‘How The West Was Won’, a live album, will be available on May 27, and the two collections are likely to be the last unreleased recordings. “There’s nothing left over,” bassist John Paul Jones told Billboard.

The DVD will feature around five and a half hours of live footage, from gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, Earl’s Court, Knebworth and in Madison Square Garden – the performance which later became the concert film ‘The Song Remains The Same’. It will also feature interviews, promotional film clips and some bootleg footage.

‘How The West Was Won’ is a combination of a Los Angeles Forum show and Long Beach Arena gig, sequenced to sound like a single concert. It will include a 25-minute version of ‘Dazed And Confused’ and the bad road-testing songs that would later form the bulk of the 1973 album ‘Houses Of The Holy’.