Led Zeppelin share previously unreleased song ‘Sugar Mama’

The song is a bonus track from the group's upcoming remastered reissue of 'Coda'

An unreleased song by Led Zeppelin has been shared online ahead of the band’s upcoming reissue releases.

The group’s last three records will be re-released in remastered form next month, the latest in a recent reissue series from the group. Following the 40th anniversary deluxe edition of ‘Physical Graffiti’ in February, the band’s final three LPs (‘Presence’, ‘In the Through The Out Door’ and ‘Coda’) have been remastered by guitarist Jimmy Page, each coming with a companion disc of previously unreleased music on July 31.

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This newly unearthed song, ‘Sugar Mama’, was originally recorded during the sessions for the band’s first album in 1968 at Olympic Studios in south west London. It will feature as a bonus track on the ‘Coda’ reissue, now streaming at The Guardian.

Led Zeppelin’s seventh studio album, ‘Presence’ was released in March 1976. ‘In the Through The Out Door’ and ‘Coda’ followed in 1979 and 1982 respectively.

Speaking at an album playback of the ‘Physical Graffiti’ reissue during February, Jimmy Page hinted that a live return is coming, stating that he’s getting “match fit” to perform again and that he’s currently “warming up on the touchlines”.

“How it starts off is that you have to play guitar and get match fit, so currently I’m sort of in the process of doing that but I’m also in process of doing this [reissue series] too,” the guitarist said.

“[Live shows] would more or less be closer to the end of the year rather than next month. But you know, I’m definitely warming up on the touchlines, let’s put it that way.”

The comments followed news in September 2014 that Page plans to start a new group to play career-spanning tracks from his former band. Speaking at the time, Page said: “If I was to play again it would be with musicians that would be… some of the names might be new to you. I haven’t put them together yet but I’m going to do that next year. If I went out to play, I would play material that spanned everything from my recording career right back to my very, very early days with The Yardbirds. There would certainly be some new material in there as well.”