Jimmy Page: “Led Zeppelin isn’t done yet”

Page says that "every year since 1968 there's been new fans"

Jimmy Page has stated that Led Zeppelin “isn’t done yet” hinting that the album reissues will carry on in some way.

Led Zeppelin shared a previously unreleased track called ‘Sunshine Woman’ last month (August 25). The song features on ‘The Complete BBC Sessions’ album, which is was released last week (September 16).

Speaking to The Telegraph, Page said, “Led Zeppelin isn’t done yet, quite clearly, because every year since 1968 there’s been new fans.”


He continued, “The re-releases have more than doubled the amount of Led Zeppelin work out there. I wanted it done authoritatively, ’cause I was the one writing the stuff, I was the producer and mixer. I don’t think it’s any more weird than writing your autobiography.”

Page also commented on why he thinks Led Zeppelin’s music still stands today. “It was done with so much freedom and conviction by master musicians, that’s why it has traveled over time,” he said.

“It was an extraordinary connection, the synergy within the band. There was an area of ESP between Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and myself.”

Speaking of the band’s influences, he said, “The fact is, all four of us, were so influenced by American music, and for me, the music that I was hearing in the sort of ’50s over here, it was all a reinterpretation of what was going on in America.”

He continued, “So we, sort of, had this American music, sort of coming in to us, and we were accessing it through the radio and records. That’s a major part of why we became what we were — which is musicians and became totally seduced by this whole movement in music.”