LeeFest offer 100 free tickets to those unlucky Y Not and Truck Festival goers

'Hopefully we can give a few people the experience they deserved'

LeeFest are offering 100 free weekend tickets to fans who went to Y Not or Truck Festival.

While Truck Festival saw festival-goers complain about a spate of thefts and other organisational issues, the disaster-stricken Y Not Festival in Derbyshire saw bands and headliners pulled out amid ‘safety concerns’ after ‘adverse weather‘, before the heavy rain and poor weather forced the festival to cancel a day early. Chaos then followed as attendees were left ‘stranded’ in car parks with no staff.

Now, LeeFest are reaching out the festival-goers, in a bid to ‘save the reputation’ of smaller events.


“We don’t want people to lose faith in festivals because a major company failed to deliver,” said LeeFest founder Lee Denny. “Hopefully we can give a few people the experience they deserved at Y Not and Truck and that will restore their love of festivals! Independent festivals are toiled over by teams for the love of the event, not just for profit

“We don’t want to be tarred with the brush of the majors, so hopefully this is a small contribution to combat that.”

Denny has since made a further statement about the ticket offer saying LeeFest’s “intentions were to make a gesture of goodwill to the nation’s festival goers, and to create some positivity for an industry that we care immensely about following the recent negative news stories.”

He added: “We appreciate that many individuals would have worked incredibly hard, in difficult conditions, to run those events; and I know how hard that can be. Many individuals I know are still involved and I very much respect their contributions to this industry. I apologise for any offence caused to those individuals and wish the teams from Y Not and Truck the very best for the future. The ballot for tickets has been closed.”

Responding the criticism of poor organisation and lack of preparation, a Y Not festival spokesman told NME: “We were extremely well prepared for the festival this year. We increased spend by 30% on last year’s event and invested heavily in infrastructure including trackway, traffic management, on-site staff, water, toilets, washing facilities and we had an enhanced police presence.


“Unfortunately due to the extreme weather conditions throughout the weekend we took the difficult decision to cancel the festival on Sunday morning. We share our guests’ frustration and disappointment but ultimately the safety of our guests, performers, and crew was our primary concern and the potential risk was too severe for the event to carry on.”

LeeFest. Credit: Andrew Benge

LeeFest meanwhile, LeeFest will see performances from Jake Bugg, Annie Mac, Jungle, Wild Beasts, Kate Tempest, and many more. After starting in Denny’s back garden, it has grown to become one of the most renowned independent festivals in the UK. It takes place at Edenbridge in Kent from 10-12 August. For tickets and more information, visit here.