Venue nixes album launch party because of Leftfield reputation for noise...

Leftfield, whose new album ‘Rhythm & Stealth’ entered the charts at number one this week, have had their plans for a launch party near the Millennium Dome scuppered by the venue because of their reputation for playing LOUD!

They are now searching for another location.

“It’s not like we were even going to play live!” said Leftfield‘s Neil Barnes. “We were just going to spin a few records and invite all our friends. We want to go one louder than the last party but we need to find the right venue.”


Leftfield‘s last album launch (for Leftism in 1995) at the old GLC building – now the London Aquarium – was in the honorable spirit of The Who (World’s Loudest Band according to The Guiness Book Of Records) and Blue Cheer (late 60s proto-metal band who reputedly killed a dog that walked past a stack of amps at an outdoor festival just as they struck a guitar chord).

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