The day after 'Afrika Shoxx' hits the shops, the follow up is in the pipeline...

Leftfield whose first new single from forthcoming album ‘Rhythm And Stealth’ ‘Afrika Shox’ was released yesterday, have announced that the second single from the album will be ‘Dusted’, out on Hard Hands/Higher Ground in November.

The opening track on the album, ‘Dusted’ features South London rapper Rodney Smith aka Roots Manuva on an original, cutting edge hip hop track.

“We’re not looking to create something that’s familiar,” Leftfield‘s Neil Barnes told NME. “That backing track for ‘Dusted’ is not like a hip hop tune, the way it ended up. It’s a very strange, mad, distorted groove. If we’d played that to Rodney…”


“…It woulda scared him,” said Paul Daley.

“He might have got lost on it and it might have affected the vocal he did. But it was exactly what we wanted. It happened very quick…but then we spent a year and a half getting the intro right.”

Current single ‘Afrika Shox’ is a collaboration with Afrika Bambaataa, 80s rap/electro pioneer who they describe as being “…the closest we could get to working with Sun Ra.”

You can read the whole Leftfield interview in this week’s NME where they talk about why it took them so long to get around to putting out a second album and that Guinness ad.

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