Lenny Kravitz starts work on new album ‘Negrophilia’

Singer tells fans to expect a 'raw jagged-edged' LP

Lenny Kravitz has started working on a new album.

The singer who only released his last LP ‘Black And White America’ in 2011, said the follow up – entitled ‘Negrophilia’ – is already well under way.

He told Billboard:

It is very funky, very, very raw. ‘Black And White America’ was very produced. Although it’s all natural and organic, it’s a very produced record. That’s the mode I was in at that time. But (‘Negrophilia’) is a very raw, jagged-edged album.

Kravitz said he was already working on the record when the songs for his recent LP started coming along.

He added: “I’m strange like that. At the end of the day, I’m one that goes with the inspiration. So if I’m working on an album and all of a sudden I go in another direction because that’s where inspiration takes you, I’ll just follow that.

“I just figure everything will have it’s time. You’ve got to treat it like a bottle of wine; it might have been made right now, but it’s not ready for a few years. There will be a time for it where it’ll be exactly where it needs to be. I’m just comfortable working that way.”

The singer said he’s “looking forward to” finishing the album but he has no idea when it will be released with a heavy tour schedule booked this year for his current album.

The star is also set to appear in the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games later this year.