The star is handcuffed, held and questioned by police in Miami...

LENNY KRAVITZ was handcuffed, held and questioned by US police last week after they mistook the star for a bank robber.

The authorities in Miami pounced last Friday (November 18) when Kravitz was standing outside a gym in the city with his trainer during a break from recording of his new album.

The star matched the description of a man who had had earlier robbed a nearby bank – black, unshaven, with an afro and wearing green trousers and a T-shirt. Kravitz was unshaven, wearing olive khakis and was not carrying ID. He told [url=] that he was surrounded by police cars and a canine unit, was handcuffed and questioned for 15 minutes despite constantly identifying himself. He was only released, he claims, when an employee of the bank was driven past and could point out that Kravitz wasn’t the wanted man.


Kravitz insists he was never arrested and was treated well, but is taking advice on whether or not to pursue any legal action.

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