Lenny Kravitz threatens legal action over ‘penisgate’ photos and claims ‘breach of human rights’

The star was recently photographed ripping his leather trousers at a gig in Sweden

Lenny Kravitz‘s representatives have reportedly threatened legal action over recent nude pictures circulating online.

Earlier this week, Kravitz made headlines after his leather trousers ripped during a show in Sweden. He was performing at the Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm on Monday (August 3) when the crotch of his trousers tore during the first song of his set.

Today, The Metro reports that Kravitz’s legal team have warned about the images, stating that they breach their “clients’ copyright, human rights, right-of-publicity and performer’s rights”.


Kravitz had previously dubbed the incident ‘penisgate’ while sharing a text message sent to him by Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler online. In the message, Tyler jokes about being annoyed that he didn’t get to see Kravitz’ penis before.

The aforementioned correspondence led to the daughters of Kravitz and Tyler, Zoe Kravitz and Chelsea Tyler, expressing their embarrassment over their fathers talking about the subject on the internet.

Local newspaper Expressen reports that Kravitz was forced to leave the stage for a few minutes to change his attire.

A fan spoke to the paper about the incident saying, “The producer stepped up and said that they had some problems onstage. A bit later Kravitz came out wearing other trousers. He said ‘sorry, I ripped my trousers’.”

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