Les Incompetents’ Billy speaks

Rising star was left comatose after attack in June

Les Incompetents’ singer Billy Leeson has spoken for the first time about his recovery from the attack that left him in a coma.

The singer claims he cannot remember the attack in north London or anything from four days before it, while the few weeks after he regained consciousness are also hazy.

Leeson told BBC 6Music‘s Music Week: “I was quite rude to a lot of people apparently [after waking-up] and I thought I was being tortured so I yanked everything that was in me, like stuff to help me breathe.”


Leeson was attacked in June in Camden, following an altercation with a man on a bus. The aggressor, Christian Briggs, last week pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm at Snaresbrook Crown Court in London.

Although discharged from hospital, Leeson’s recovery is not yet over. He requires a metal plate in his head to take the place of a piece of infected bone which was removed from his skull following the attack.

The singer insisted: “Apart from that I feel fine!”

Les Incompetents have announced they are to split, but will play a final gig at London’s 100 Club on November 7.

Briggs is set to be sentenced on October 23.