Shack, Campag Velocet, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Coldplay and a journalist with a camera tear up the UK on a mission...

Would it be Fear And Loathing in Glasgow? Or Down And Out in Leeds? jumped on the bus and joinrf the NME Premier Tour to find out and came back with the evidence on glorious shakycam video.

There’s the secret of Mick Head of Shack’s ‘special’ performance, Shack and Campag Velocet have a ‘special bonding moment’ (awww!), Chris from Coldplay charms and talks about the ‘big dove’, NME journalist Siobhan Grogan delivers a missive from the frontline of rock, Pete Voss offers the whole of Glasgow out for a fight and much more.

12midnight Glasgow

Les Rhythms Digitales on dodging their responsibilities, the NME hair exclusive and more

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12.30am Glasgow

Mick Head of Shack talks about the ‘beautiful’ first gig and his secret of gig success

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12.40am, Glasgow

Mick Head of Shack and Pete Voss bond. Awww!

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1.45am Glasgow

Chris from Coldplay talks to NME about ‘young person’s music’ and too much raucousness and the ‘big dove’ nature of Coldplay

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1.50am Glasgow

Siobhan talks to Chris from Coldplay Les Rhythmes Digitales Sweet, Shack savoury – and the secret of Mick Head’s adoration by the support bands

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2am Glasgow

The NME Premier First Night Tour Diary

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11.30pm Leeds

Campag’s Velocet’s Pete Voss at Leeds on the new ‘fucked up’ song , white russians, being on a higher echelon and ‘offering Glasgow out for a fight’

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11.45pm Leeds

Shack’s Mick Head ‘get in the shower’ and what Shack and music mean to him

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