The follow-up to 'Darkdancer' is due in "June or July"...

JACQUES LU CONT has told NME.COM he is planning to start work on the new LES RYTHMES DIGITALES album in “June and July”, and has “strong ideas” about the direction he wants the record to take.

Speaking to NME.COM yesterday, Lu Cont said work on the follow-up to 1999’s ‘Darkdancer’ is currently “embryonic”, but he has “a few strong ideas about what direction I’d like to take it in”.

He continued: “I’ll be writing and recording it in June and July at my home studio, which is where I record all my material. Every time I go in a professional studio, I just find myself losing faith and soul, they’re so sterile and empty. Being able to roll out of bed and trip over a keyboard is a much more inspiring environment, because the keyboard always makes a good sound when you tread on it!”

Asked if the third Les Rythmes Digitales album might sway in the direction of his new rock-based group Zoot Woman, he commented: “The two bands do compliment each other and there’s obvious links, but Zoot Woman is essentially a vocal-led rock group. LRD will always remain firmly within both the club camp and the dance camp. Attempting a dance/rock hybrid just wouldn’t work for me, I’d end up sounding like Apollo Four Forty!”