Les Savy Fav frontman risks life and limb at Coachella

Tom Harrington climbs 30 feet above stage in the desert

Les Savy Fav got Coachella off to a raucous start today with a stunt-tastic set in the Californian desert.

The Brooklyn band took to the Outdoor Theatre stage at 3pm this afternoon (April 25) and played a predictably rousing set, with front man Tim Harrington roaming all over the place, from the depths beneath the stage to the lighting rig above.

“We dare you to get hotter you fucking pussbags!” Harrington yelled at the crowd, many of whom were lathered in a layer of sweat thanks to the searing 37-Celsius heat.


The early time slot did nothing to quash Harrington‘s notorious rock ‘n roll antics. The singer poked his forefinger through the crotch of his red shorts, and jumped into the crowd chanting: “It’s hot as fuck and I need a hug, it’s hot as fuck and we need a hug. It’s hot as fuck and I need a kiss, it’s hot as fuck and I need a hand job.”

The bearded front man stood still for barely a second, and in addition to running beneath the stage mid-song, he had a serious daredevil moment when he climbed the lighting rig to the top and stood 30 feet above, buoying the crowd up for ‘We Rock The Party’.

Despite being stripped to his red shorts for the majority of the set, Harrington made several additions to his stage ensemble intermittent points throughout, donning a blonde curly wig, blue vest and Chinese peasant hat.

Les Savy Fav played:

‘The Equestrian’


‘Patty Lee’

‘What Would Wolves Do’




‘Sweat Descends’

‘Scotch G’

‘Rage In The Plague Age’


‘We Rock The Party’

–By our New York staff.

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