Lewis Capaldi jokes about his label hiring him an etiquette expert

“It’s a great shame he feels he has to swear now as he’s a nice guy"

Lewis Capaldi has said that his label hired him an etiquette expert to teach the singer how to walk and talk more elegantly, as part of a “jokey video series” for his 2018 single ‘Grace’.

The etiquette lessons took place in October 2018, shortly before the Scottish artist released breakthrough hit ‘Someone You Loved’.

The lessons were taught by “celebrity party organiser” Liz Brewer, according to the Daily Record, who was reportedly paid a five-figure sum for a three-hour session at her home in Chelsea. The three sessions covered introductions at social functions, dining etiquette, and how to walk appropriately.


“He wasn’t a big star then and didn’t have the reputation he has now,” Brewer said. “But they must have thought he had potential to spend that money.

“None of the classes included any swearing and he never swore when he was with me. He was a perfect pupil.”

Brewer added: “It’s a great shame he feels he has to swear now as he’s a nice guy with huge talent. I think it’s an age thing and I’m sure he will grow out of it.”

A spokesperson for Capaldi clarified: “This was part of a jokey video series filmed around the release of Lewis’ single ‘Grace’ but never released. Lewis’ team loves him exactly how he is.”

Earlier this week (March 6), Capaldi announced the launch of Livelive, a new mental health scheme designed to help fans attending his shows with panic attacks and social anxiety.


The initiative was set up after the Scottish musician received messages from fans thanking him for speaking candidly about his own experience of panic attacks in interviews.

The scheme provides an email support service fans can use to find out about on-site facilities before a show, while at the gigs there will be a help desk with information on resources to help in the longer-term, a quiet space for those experiencing anxiety and panic attacks to regather themselves, and medical staff and trained mental health professionals available to give extra care.