Lewis Capaldi: “Noel Gallagher loves me now”

The pair's feud really is at an end

Lewis Capaldi claims Noel Gallagher now “loves him” after their recent chance meeting.

The pair finally met up last month at the Mad Cool Festival after months of feuding. At the time Capaldi said: “I gave him a big hug and whispered in his ear ‘It’s gonna be OK’. He was wriggling, but I pinned him and said ‘Noel!’, I’m here and it’s gonna be fine'”.

The Oasis star had been locked in a not-so-serious feud with the Scottish singer ever since he declared that “music is fucking wank at the moment”, before going on to directly mention Capaldi.


Capaldi then hit back with a brilliant Glastonbury entrance, while Gallagher went on to liken him to Star Wars character Chewbacca.

Lewis Capaldi Chewbacca TRNSMT

Now, Capaldi says the pair get on great. “This is the thing, right – he bloody … he loves me. I’m trying to work out if I can send him a plaque for the album. It would be tremendous,” he told Capital Breakfast presenter Roman Kemp.

Capaldi continued: “But no, he’s a lovely man, there was no animosity. I mean, I’ve got new T-shirt ideas for Chewis Capaldi for him calling me Chewbacca. This is totally fine, do you know what I mean?”

Meanwhile, the Chewbacca mask Capaldi wore at TRNSMT Festival is being raffled online by Paolo Nutini in aid of Frightened Rabbit’s mental health charity Tiny Changes, after Nutini bought the mask for £10,000.


An employee of DF Concerts (who run TRNSMT) put the mask on eBay to raise money for Frightened Rabbit’s Tiny Changes charity, in memory of their late frontman Scott Hutchison.