Lewis Capaldi is offering free tickets to Tinder matches: “This is the only lifeline I have left before I’m resigned to a lifetime living at home with my mother”

"I'm yet to find love..."

After images of Lewis Capaldi‘s Tinder profile popped up on billboards across the country, the singer-songwriter has now announced that he’ll be awarding free gig tickets to lucky fans who match with him.

Fans who swipe through successfully to Capaldi’s Tinder page will have the chance to win a trip to see him live in New York, as well as tickets to shows across his upcoming UK tour.

“I’m very excited to have teamed up with the people at Tinder to give two lucky people the chance to fly out to New York to meet your favourite big lovely handsome celebrity (me),” said Capaldi. “I’m yet to find love and Tinder Gold is the only lifeline I have left before I’m resigned to a lifetime living at home with my mother.”


Speaking to NME earlier this year about his Tinder bio, the singer-songwriter said that he wanted his profile to reflect how he was “a chubby guy, a bit weird looking, who sings songs, they’re all sad.”

“Well, my Tinder bio for the minute is: ‘BRITs Critics Choice nominee, I almost scored a top bin once on Soccer AM (not televised), I have one dog and I’m very good at fighting’,” he told NME.

Speaking of his time on Tinder, Capaldi added: “It’s a barren experience for me, man. I’m not very successful at all.”

After the Scottish singer-songwriter’s recent and huge-selling success, Capaldi recently spoke out on how he doesn’t believe it can last.

“You can’t accept it as normality at all,” he said. “You have to say, ‘This is very weird and it’s gonna be for at least a couple of years’.


“It’s so bizarre and I’m so convinced it’s not going to last very long, just because I think it’s at some size now where it’s like, this surely can’t go on any longer than a year. It already shouldn’t have gone on this long.”

Capaldi is currently touring in support of his debut album, ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent‘. NME’s review of the record concluded: “It’s somewhat baffling that such a charismatic star could make a record so lacking in personality, though his fans won’t mind one bit.”

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