Lewis Capaldi reveals Tourette’s syndrome diagnosis

"It is something I am living with: it's not as bad as it looks"

Lewis Capaldi has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome.

The Scottish singer spoke about living with the condition for the first time during an Instagram Live last night (September 6), saying that the diagnosis “makes so much sense”.

“I wanted to speak about it because I didn’t want people to think I was taking cocaine or something,” Capaldi told his followers during the stream about his experience with Tourette’s syndrome, which affects over 300,000 people in the UK.


“My shoulder twitches when I am excited, happy, nervous or stressed. It is something I am living with: it’s not as bad as it looks.”

Capaldi added that while he hasn’t “really learned much” about the condition, he has been receiving “Botox in my shoulder to stop it moving” and “learning new ways to cope all the time”.

Lewis Capaldi, Latitude 2022 (Picture: Press)

“Some days it’s more painful than others, sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable, but I guess that’s it,” he added.

“When they told me, ‘We think you’ve got Tourette’s’, I was like, ‘Do you know what? That makes so much sense’. When I look back at my interviews from 2018, I can see that I’m doing it.”

Earlier this year, Billie Eilish spoke about her experience of living with Tourette’s syndrome during an interview on David Letterman’s Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.


Eilish said that she started to experience “small” tics when she was a child, adding: “For me, they’re very exhausting… [but I’ve] made friends with it now”.

Capaldi will release his new single, ‘Forget Me’, on Friday (September 9).

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