Lewis Capaldi settles Noel Gallagher feud with brilliant Glastonbury entrance

The Scottish king comes good

Lewis Capaldi has made his full Glastonbury debut with an Other Stage set that saw him offering a brilliant response to Noel Gallagher‘s recent comments about the Scottish star.

An unlikely war of words began earlier this month when Gallagher declared that “music is fucking wank at the moment”, before going on to directly mention Capaldi.

“Who’s this Capaldi fella?” Noel told Radio X. “Who the fuck’s that idiot?”


The idiot, it transpires, has had the last laugh. As fans awaited Capaldi’s arrival on stage, a clip of Gallagher’s comments played out on the big screens moments before the singer made the perfect entrance.


Decked out in an Oasis-style Parka, Capaldi defiantly swaggered on stage to Naughty by Nature’s ‘Here Comes The Money’ before taking off the coat to reveal a t-shirt featuring Gallagher’s face inside a love heart.

After opening with ‘Grace’, the set saw Capaldi launching straight into the brutal self-deprecation which has played an unquestionably large role in his rise to imminent super stardom.

“If you like questionably chubby men from Scotland you’re in for a treat,” he said.

As temperatures continued to soar across Worthy Farm, Capaldi also mulled the possibility of taking his shirt off – much to the excitement of the braying crowd.


“If I take it off a girl will never kiss me again, it’s not a nice sight,” he eventually admitted.

If, at times, the show felt unexpectedly like a stand-up set, the songs were still enough to prove Capaldi’s talents as a gravelly troubadour. ‘Bruises’, for instance, proved itself to be one of his greatest efforts – providing a soulful twist on Capaldi’s sound.

But as the set drew to a close, it was ‘Someone You Loved’ that inevitably sparked a sea of sing-alongs among a seriously packed Other Stage crowd.

It’s the kind of response you’d expect from a Pyramid Stage headliner – and not from a mid-afternoon set. On this showing, it won’t be long before Capaldi arrives there.

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