Lewis Capaldi tells crowd he’s “pissed himself” during Edinburgh gig

The singer-songwriter blamed the incident on the amount of water he'd drunk before the show

Lewis Capaldi “pissed himself” on stage last night (August 13), he told an Edinburgh crowd.

The chart-topping singer-songwriter was performing in the city for the first of two sold-out shows as part of the annual Summer Sessions series.

During one song in the set, Capaldi said one of his high notes was accompanied by an unexpected surprise. “I’ve been drinking a lot of water recently,” he shared. “I won’t lie to you, I’m trying to stay hydrated – it’s good for the voice. I started needing to pee during ‘Hollywood’ there and just when I went to do that big note the smallest bit of piss [came out]. Fucking hell. Holy fuck.

“So basically what I’m telling you is I’ve just pissed myself,” he added to big cheers from the audience. “I wish I was joking! Fuck. You know me, I don’t get embarrassed but pissing yourself is a new low. The good thing is that’s alleviated some of the pressure so we’ll continue on.”

You can watch fan-shot footage of Capaldi’s revelation above now.

Meanwhile, the star recently had a message for Liam and Noel Gallagher after a lengthy back and forth with Noel. “Both of you probably don’t like my music, and wouldn’t you love to see me not be in the charts?” he began. “If you guys got back together and do an Oasis album repackage, you’ll knock me out the charts for sure. And look, you probably don’t like that I’m in the… I mean, Noel, for one, you don’t like the tunes my man, you don’t like them.

“And Liam, I mean, look, you probably don’t like them either so if you guys want to eradicate me from popular music what you’re going to have to do is get together and reform. I’ll see you there.”

Capaldi’s light-hearted feud with Noel saw the former Oasis man brand the Scottish musician “Chewbacca”, while Capaldi donned a shirt with the Mancunian’s face on for his debut Glastonbury performance.