‘As It Was’ directors: “Beady Eye breaking up was the first time Liam Gallagher failed – it took courage for him to come back”

"There are periods of his life where it didn't go well"

The directors of new Liam Gallagher documentary As It Was have spoken of how the film shines on light on his “failure” at the end of Beady Eye, and “the journey” that followed.

The film received its world premiere at Alexandra Palace last night with a short live performance from the former Oasis frontman, which was streamed to hundreds of cinemas around the UK. Before the screening, the creators discussed how it depicted Gallagher’s “human” side and confessed to his failures – most notably the modest success of Beady Eye and their split in 2014.

“I think there’s a lot of Liam’s story that people don’t know,” co-director Gavin Fitzgerald told NME on the red carpet of the premiere. “People are more familiar with Liam’s rise to fame, then Oasis disappeared and a lot of stuff happened in the later years. People actually forget that Liam was in Beady Eye.


“When Beady Eye broke up, that was probably the first time that Liam had failed in his life. He took four years off music where he had quite a tough time. It took quite a lot of courage for Liam to come back and be where he is now.”

He added: “He’s always got to have his guard up a little bit because he’s known as that guy with the attitude. There’s a human behind everyone. I think he’s quite open in this documentary. There are periods of his life where it didn’t go well and that’s quite refreshing.”

The poster for new Liam Gallagher film ‘As It Was’

Asked about the biggest surprise of making the movie, Fitzgerald replied: “I was completely shocked by the fact that Noel and Liam haven’t spoken in 10 years. It’s amazing when you think about the lengths they must have gone to, to manage that. People always ask if the rivalry is real, and yeah – it seems to be.”

Does he think they’ll ever kiss and make up?

“It would seem odd because they both have their solo careers now and don’t need the money. There was a time when Liam said he did need the money, he reached out to Noel and it only fell on deaf ears. That’s only going to add more bitterness to their relationship, you know.”


Co-director Charlie Lightening told NME that the film showed Liam “as a father, a brother, a friend and just being real”.

“You’re seeing him for who he really is and what’s behind him being a rockstar,” he said.

As for Noel’s refusal to allow any Oasis songs to be featured in the documentary, Lightening said: “In some ways, it was maybe the best thing that could have happened because we’ve got a Liam Gallagher film with no Oasis music in it, but you don’t miss it. If anything the music choices that are in there make it more filmic and a bit more epic.

“It shows that he’s about more than Oasis. That’s the thing with the film too. It’s not Supersonic 2. It’s a human story. You come out feeling like you’ve learned something about him.”

On being asked if he thought Noel had watched it already, Liam replied: “I think he has seen it, him and his little people [have seen] it and took the Oasis music out of it because that’s all he’s got left for me. Let him get on it with it.”

As It Was is in cinemas now and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD Monday, June 10.