Liam Fray opens up about future solo projects for Courteeners

"We want to stretch our legs a bit by doing side-projects here and there.”

Liam Fray has revealed that members of the Courteeners are planning some future solo projects to stop fans getting bored.

In a new interview with The Daily Star, Fray said the band wanted to do “side-projects here and there” to keep things interesting.

He said: “We’ve been together for 13 years and I don’t want to just keep doing Courteeners albums and nothing else. People will have had enough if we do 10 albums in a row!”


He continued: “The band is brilliant, we all really get on, but we want to stretch our legs a bit by doing side-projects here and there.”

Courteeners’ Liam Fray at Reading 2018

Fray revealed that he’s planning to make an album with DMA’s and Manchester soul singer Bipolar Sunshine. “I love his voice and I’d love to make a soulful record with him,” Fray added.

Fray also hinted that the band’s drummer, Michael Campbell might take up vocal duties in the future.

“Campbell’s got a great voice – he should be the singer in Courteeners, really. Campbell loves 1950s rock & roll and doo-wop music, and we’ve talked about doing something in that style, where he sings.

“I’ve written one song for him – it sounds like it came off the soundtrack to Grease!”


Reviewing Courteeners latest album, NME’s Andrew Trendell said: “‘More. Again. Forever’ strikes a mature balance. It’s escapist in its sound but humane in its approach to the world.

“It’s experimental but familiar, and tests what the band are capable of while proving to be their more focussed work to date.”