Liam Gallagher says he wants to reform Oasis, but Noel is refusing

Liam also says ‘New sounds are on the way’

Liam Gallagher has confirmed that he wants to reform Oasis, but that his “beige” brother Noel is refusing to get the band back together.

Liam also announced on Twitter that he is about to release some “new sounds”.

On Twitter, Gallagher wrote: “Listen up: no Oasis reunion. Rkid’s not into it. I am – he’s too busy being beige. New sounds on their way. Stay cool, and most of all stay relevant.”


He later tweeted “Not into jumping onto something that happened 20 years ago it was your idea you massive potato who you trying to kid mr showbizz”.

Earlier today (July 1), Gallagher simply tweeted “Greedy soul”, which could possibly be the title of a new song or album. Liam also tweeted: “It’s official, R&R is back,” to which ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead posted a “power” fist emoji. This could mean Bonehead is working with Liam on the new songs, as the pair previously played at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2013 in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust.

It isn’t yet clear if Gallagher has formed a new band following the break-up of Beady Eye in 2014 or if he is to release solo material. He previously stated that he wouldn’t release a solo album because “I’m not a c**t.”


Since Oasis split in 2009, relations between the Gallagher brothers have been reliably tense. While apologising for posting a homophobic tweet about Russian football fans at Euro 2016, Liam said his apology extended “to anyone I’ve offended, including Rkid.”

However, this week Noel said that Liam “had nothing better to do” when he made his infamous insult that his older brother is a “potato”. In response, Liam posted a second photo of Noel with the caption “Pouting potato”.

Following the Beady Eye split, Liam has performed a new song at a pub in Co Mayo in 2015.

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