Artist gets tattoo of Liam Gallagher’s ‘homophobic’ tweet

Danish man Kasper Nørlund gets tattoos of deleted celebrity tweets

A Danish artist has had a recent controversial tweet by Liam Gallagher tattooed onto his leg.

Kasper Nørlund has spent the past few years getting celebrities’ deleted tweets inked to his body as part of his Tweettoo art project.

His latest ink piece is a tweet from the former Oasis singer that saw him accused of homophobia. Tweeting about Russian football fans last week, Gallagher wrote: “Russian hooligans skintight shorts bumbags batty boy muscles ha ha I’d be more worried bout getting me arse pinched”. He later apologised for his remarks and deleted the post.

Speaking to The Sun about his new tattoo, Nørlund explained: “It is not a personal attack at Liam Gallagher. If a celebrity tweets a statement that he or she then for some reason deletes, it qualifies for my Tweettoo project.”

He added: “The Tweettoo Project is a work-in-progress art project that explores the powerful combination of celebrity and social media. Anyone can thoughtlessly say offensive things they regret but when you do it on the internet it will stay there forever. Like a tattoo. Combine this with an audience of 1 million followers and you have a situation that could easily get out of control.”

As well as Gallagher, Nørlund has also had tattoos of deleted tweets by Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and CeeLo Green in the past.

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After a backlash over his tweet, Gallagher later apologised, writing: “If I’ve upset anybody with my tweets I apologise that includes you RKID”.