Liam Gallagher responds to Sacha Baron Cohen threat claim: ‘It wasn’t just the one eye, it was both’

'Grimsby' star says Oasis man once threatened to 'stab him in the eye'

Liam Gallagher has responded to Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent claims that he once threatened to “stab him in the eye” in a statement to NME.

The actor behind Borat and Ali G discussed being influenced by the former Oasis frontman for his latest film role in Grimsby, talking about the physical similarities between his character Nobby and the Britpop star on US late-night show Conan.

Speaking on the show, Cohen revealed that he once got into a disagreement with the former Oasis frontman at the GQ Awards, which ended with Gallagher threatening to “stab him in the eye”.


NME approached Liam Gallagher’s press representatives for a comment, who responded saying: “Liam wants to clarify that it wasn’t just the one eye, it was both”.

Watch Sacha Baron Cohen discuss the incident below. Cohen revealed that he angered Gallagher by not telling a joke about the singer that he had planned for his acceptance speech, an omission that angered Gallagher.

Cohen told Conan O’Brien of the incident: “I’ve never heard such a specific threat… Eventually he didn’t stab me but I thought to avoid confrontation by having my hair done like him in my next movie”.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher recently ruled out the possibility of him releasing a solo album. “Solo record, are you fucking tripping dickhead?” Gallagher wrote on Twitter, saying he would not release solo material as he is “not a cunt”.

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