Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton reportedly spent over £800k on their divorce

The former Oasis man and All Saints singer have been arguing over assets

A judge has ruled that Liam Gallagher and his ex-wife Nicole Appleton split their assets of £11m equally.

Due to the pair arguing over who receives what since they were granted a “quickie” divorce in April 2014, the legal fees have racked up to more than £800,000 revealed Judge Martin O’Dwyer.

The former Oasis man married the All Saints singer in 2008 and they were together until their separation in 2013. The couple also had a son together, Gene, who is now 14.


Gallagher and Appleton split because of an affair between Liam and US journalist Liza Ghorbani, which Gallagher admitted to, thus summing up their court hearing to a mere 68 seconds, as reported by the Daily Mail at the time.


At the hearing yesterday (December 18), which neither Gallagher or Appleton attended, Judge Martin O’Dwyer ruled that the divorced couple get £5.4m each of their total £10.8m assets.

According to the Guardian the judge took into account income, property, capacity to earn and other financial options when making his decision and that both parties had given evidence and been cross-examined.

Earlier this year Liam Gallagher played a surprise gig in an Irish pub (July 26).

The former Oasis frontman surprised punters at JJ Finan’s pub by joining local musicians in the bar where he played a few songs on his guitar.

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